Funding Avon Centers of Excellence and Research Initiatives


Avon Centers of Excellence

Located in seven urban hubs across the US, Avon Centers of Excellence are major academic institutions that advance scientific research and ensure that underserved communities have access to state-of-the-art breast cancer care.


We invest in research on the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer so that individuals – specifically those living with metastatic disease or other sub-types with few existing therapies – have as many options as possible. Current projects examine a number of issues, including: the role of diet and metastatic breast cancer growth; the pathways by which tumor cells circulate around the body; and the identification of unique biomarkers for triple negative breast cancer.

    Livia: Tips for Newly Diagnosed Patients and Their Loved Ones - Livia Vargas is an Oncology Nurse Navigator at San Antonio Regional Hospital’s Women’s Breast & Imaging Center in Upland, California. She is passionate about improving patient access to care, as well as supporting her patients emotionally and through education. For Livia, giving back through her work as a nurse navigator is an incredible privilege. “Just […]