Focusing on Access to Care Programs

Breast Health Outreach Program (BHOP)

All individuals should be able to get timely, affordable and easy-to-understand breast health care. BHOP’s 60 partners located in 32 states educate medically underserved communities about breast cancer prevention and risk reduction. They connect individuals to screening services like mammography and stand by their side through any abnormal findings and diagnostic tests.

Safety Net

If breast cancer is identified, hospital-based patient navigators guide women through the labyrinth that is the healthcare system. Patient navigators in more than 30 Avon-supported hospitals across the country make appointments for medical care, connect women to community-based services helping with practical issues like transportation and housing assistance and help identify opportunities to reduce the emotional and financial burdens of breast cancer treatment.

    Talking the Talk: Providing Support Through Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Helpline - BY JENNY BURKHOLDER  The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade is proud to support Living Beyond Breast Cancer and its Breast Cancer Helpline. Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Breast Cancer Helpline is a service that lets people speak by phone with a trained volunteer who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and who has faced similar circumstances or […]