Our Reach

In 2016, Avon Breast Cancer Crusade programs:

Engaged more than 260,000 people in breast health EDUCATION

Funded $4 million in RESEARCH that builds our collective understanding of how breast cancer develops, how it progresses and how to stop it

Linked 195,000 individuals to SCREENING MAMMOGRAMS

Provided more than 350,000 PATIENT NAVIGATION services including language interpretation and referrals

Helped more than 62,000 people access DIAGNOSTIC procedures

Facilitated healthcare services for nearly 24,000 INDIVIDUALS WHO DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE

Delivered nearly 400,000 nutrient-rich MEALS to clients living with breast cancer

Supported more than 33,000 individuals living with METASTATIC BREAST CANCER access vital services

Detected more than 3,000 NEW BREAST CANCERS

Ensuring No Breast Cancer Patient Goes Home Hungry - A cancer diagnosis comes with many new stresses: extensive treatment, medical bills, time away from work. But for some cancer patients, access to nutritious food is also a major concern. Food to Overcome Outcomes Disparities (FOOD), a New York City-based program of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), is working to decrease food insecurity for […]